Recent News

13 May 2018
Will Palmer completes maiden GP3 weekend with P13 after brave tyre gamble
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12 May 2018
P18 as Palmer makes GP3 debut
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11 May 2018
Qualifying improvements for Palmer ahead of GP3 race debut
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11 May 2018
Will Palmer makes GP3 race weekend debut with 18th in free practice
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02 May 2018
Will Palmer steps up to GP3 with MP Motorsport
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29 October 2017
Will Palmer secures Eurocup P2 with strong drives in Barcelona
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Free Practice

1.J HughesART1m32.908s
2.A HubertART+0.482s
3.L PulciniCampos+0.582s
4.N MazepinART+0.623s
5.D BoccolacciMP Motorsport+0.750s
6.T CalderonJenzer+0.780s
7.P PiquetTrident+0.886s
8.G AubryArden+0.934s
9.N KariMP Motorsport+0.949s
18.W PalmerMP Motorsport+1.578s


1.L PulciniCampos1m32.258s
2.N MazepinART+0.057s
3.A HubertART+0.147s
4.C IlottART+0.292s
5.N KariMP Motorsport+0.332s
6.D BoccolacciMP Motorsport+0.348s
7.S LaaksonenCampos+0.516s
8.D BeckmannJenzer+0.538s
9.A LorandiTrident+0.571s
20.W PalmerMP Motorsport+1.452s

Race 1

1.N MazepinART22 laps
2.A HubertART+3.649s
3.C IlottART+7.143s
4.L PulciniCampos+8.032s
5.D BoccolacciMP Motorsport+12.550s
6.D BeckmannJenzer+12.790s
7.G AlesiTrident+13.907s
8.J CorreaJenzer+19.443s
9.P PiquetTrident+13.907s
18.W PalmerMP Motorsport+43.208s

Race 2

1.G AlesiTrident16 laps
2.A HubertART+2.077s
3.J HughesART+2.376s
4.J CorreaJenzer+3.295s
5.D BoccolacciMP Motorsport+3.593s
6.N KariMP Motorsport+3.959s
7.C IlottART +4.904s
8.S LaaksonenCampos+5.544s
9.L PulciniCampos+6.103s
13.W PalmerMP Motorsport+12.603s